An explainer video is a great way to engage potential customers and familiarize them with your business product or service.  People just simply love watching videos.  They not only entertain, but it's the easiest way to gain information.
Explainer videos will summarize your business description into sound and pictures that is entertaining and educational.  These videos are the new way to promote your business and produces great results!
You will be more successful converting a prospect into a sale if you show what you are trying to sell instead of simply telling them why they should do business with you.
The average attention span on a website is ONLY 8 seconds.
8 short seconds!  
Losing interest in 4... 3... 2...

BENEFITS of Explainer Videos

Grab Visitor's Attention

  - People are in a hurry these days. You need to do whatever you can to grab their attention. An explainer video created by VCS Website Design is a great way to do so.

Showcase Your Business

- The perfext way to explain your product or service in a short fun time.

The Perfect Company Pitch

- Explainer videos communicate everything anyone needs to know about your business in a very short time.

Simple Explanation

- Makes your business easy to understand by condensing all elements into a shor fun video.

Drive Visitors to Your Site

- Having a video on YouTube drives traffic to you own website. It is also easily shared on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Call to Action

- People watching explainer videos are more likely to respond after watching your video.
Explainer video causes visitors to respond to your request
Videos draws visitors to your site
Easy to understand your business
Elevator pitch in video format
demonstrate your product or service
Capture visitor attention

Why is an Explainer Video Effective?

The style is fun, but professional

A problem is addressed

A solution is introduced

The video ends with a call to action

Overall, the animation is fluid and catches the viewer's eye. Narration is explicit and easy to understand. This allows the viewer to know exactly what is the purpose of the product. The goal of the video is to make it near impossible for the viewer to misunderstand the product's function.
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