Your website is the first impression a customer has of your business. Don't let it be their last.
The best websites include only the information visitors want plus provide all the services they need. Then make it all available without bothersome distractions. VCS Website Design ensures your website goals will be reached and then exceeded!
Show you understand technology.  A website brings your company up to speed with other businesses. It shows you are not afraid to use technology to improve your level of customer service.
Keep your information current.  A website isn't like spending thousands of dollars to print full-color brochures that are obsolete before distribution is complete. Websites can be setup changed and expanded as needed.
Expand your potential customer base to the entire world.  You aren't limited to local people picking up a phone book or reading your ads in the newspaper. Anyone with Internet access is a potential customer.
You become an expert.  People go online to find information from someone who knows what they are talking about. You can be that expert if you provide current, helpful information. This increases your credibility.
Explain your service in as much detail as the potential customer wants, or as little.  Some people like to skim web pages and read headlines or bulleted lists. While others want all the details. A good web page is designed to make both happy.
Create an interactive environment for your customers.  You site can have a place to submit comments or questions. A survey can be included asking what your customers would like to see added to your website or product line.
Answer questions and explain the benefits of your business 24/7.  These potential customers don't have to wait until office hours to call.  Or wait for a return call if you are on another line. By searching your website, they can find out exactly what you are offering to do for them, read your company's mission statement, see your answers to the FAQ section and find where to email or call for more information.
Test new products/services and advertising quickly.  Instead of sending out an expensive direct mail package to a few thousand people and then wait to find the results, you can test new products and marketing ideas on the web cheaply and quickly.  If it doesn't work, you can easily tweak the ads and try again.
Increase awareness of your business to people who normally wouldn't seek you out.  People might not scan the phone book, but they do scan the Internet.  And if your web pages are setup properly and optimized with the right content, you can pull in customers who weren't even aware they needed your service or product.  Your website explains to them why they do!

What a Website Means to Your Company

Designing a website goes far beyond creating a beautiful design. We do take the appearance of your website very seriously, but also realize that beauty is only skin deep which  applies just as well to your website.

Improving Visitors Experience

The user experience is just as important as the look and feel of your site. The average website visitor takes less than 10 seconds to make a decision about their next step. Fail to capture their attention and intrigue, they will be gone. The goal is to create a website that is not only attractive, but engages the site user and pulls them in. If you can grab them before that 10 seconds has elapsed, the odds are you will turn that potential customer into a lead or a sale.
Provide crisp information  Answer questions  Offer ideas
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Always in Motion for Your Benefit


Your website represents your company 24/7. It's your online brochure, concierge, customer service representative and marketing professional. It works for you even when you are not working. Your site is a powerful advertising tool helping you to reduce marketing costs and build better customer relationships.
Allow you to have a Powerful Web Presence with a Small Budget
Create Awareness about your Products and Services
Offer Informative Content to Benefit Visitors
Achieve a Great First Impression
Improve Customer Service and Communication
Achieve Cost-effective Marketing and Promotions
Your website will:

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